The Reborn Sage Preaches in the City

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10 March 2023
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At this time, a bartender of a restaurant seemed to hear Yang Yang’s exclamation. He greeted him with a smile and said, “a few guests may not know..” .. Our Fulai Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the Tang Dynasty. …… The array in the restaurant was set up by an immortal in orink their life is still very comfortable! “Well..” Ok .. When you two talk about playing,inflatable castle with slide, Just forget your identity! Not afraid to let people see the joke … “Nu Wa gave Yang Yang a white look and said.”. When Yang Yang heard this, he blushed, smiled awkwardly and said, “Wife..” We play in Culai now, and we forget about those identities and so on. If you come out to play, you will have the appearance of coming out! Besides, who can find us and see us? It’s a joke. Now our job is to have fun.. .. Don’t leave any regrets. …… ..” When Nu Wa heard this, her face turned red for a moment. “All right,inflatable floating water park,” she said. “If you say I want to play, I’ll play. Who can stop you?He looked up at the bartender in surprise and said, “Do you have so many signature dishes?” Nu Wa and others stopped chatting and turned to look at a table full of dishes, such as chicken, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable amusement park, duck, fish and meat, which are not rare things here. There was a look of surprise on the faces of Nu Wa and others. Seeing this, the bartender glanced at the beautiful Nu Wa and Xu Ying, feeling happy for a while. Although he dared not have any other ideas, it was pretty good to nourish his eyes. In the human world,Inflatable indoor park, that set is not practical in the fairy world. …… . “” Right.. Brother, why are you still like a child? A child younger than me! With a smile on his face, Houtu added insult to injury.