The Holy King

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10 March 2023
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“Nine times out of ten, I also heard rumors about it.” “So when I got the news this time, I immediately pleaded for my life to capture Yang Qijian 17. I was the first one to get the benefit. After I got this kind of thing, it would be really developed!”! I don’t expect to become aick! The door swung open. Yang Qi and Jian 17 came out. Without any expression on his face, Yang Qi looked at him as if he were looking at a dead man: “Very good, very good.”. Unexpectedly uses this to threaten me, in that case, I accompany you to go to the criminal law hall. “Isn’t that all right?” No prison to see Yang Qi submit, very proud, “come ah,Brushless Gear Motor, give me Yang Qi lock to take.”. Use the immortal chain of the King of Thailand to pierce his lute bone and drag him to the Criminal Court! “Yes!”! Look at us, this boy is really too arrogant, let us wait at the gate for so long! I must make life worse than death and suffer for a lifetime! The two royal students, like wolves, seemed to pounce on them, holding two chains and hooks in their hands, with dense patterns on them, all of which were fairy marks. Specialized lock master, so that they can not escape. Bang, bang! Just touch to reach Yang Qi’s side, suddenly Yang Qi burst out a burst of Gang gas, the two royal students flew, severely hit the ground, a mouthful of blood sprayed out. It’s one thing for me to follow you to the Criminal Court. You’re pushing your luck and want to lock me up? Yang Qi had a sneer on his face, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Small Geared Motors, and in his heart there was already a chance to kill him. This time he was ready to turn the world upside down. Just because of the sentence of no p”The people of the Invincible Hall?” “Is that Yang Qi who got a huge treasure from the map of the King of the World?”? Once at the entrance ceremony, he was so arrogant that he broke through the law of life and death in the realm of nothingness and killed people in it. “Good fellow, this arrogant character falls into our hands, today we want to arrange them out of eighteen appearances,Small Dc Gear Motor, let him know what is called life is worse than death, can not survive, can not die!” 。