Tea Leaf Mixer

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22 May 2023
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Tea Leaf Mixer Product Description
We have an efficient workforce and are committed to providing a wide range of tea blending machines for customers to choose from. The tea blending machine adopts advanced design, engineering standards and manufacturing processes to develop the highest quality tea blending machine according to customer requirements.
Product parameters
ModelType of
volumeMax loading
volumeMax loading
weighSpeed of
agitating paddleTurning
CH-30S Type single paddle20L20L20kg24r/min锕?05掳0.75kw0.12kw1065*380*520mm150kg
CH-50S Type single paddle30L30L30kg24r/min锕?05掳1.5kw0.18kw1265*430*720mm200kg
CH-100S Type single paddle60L60L60kg24r/min锕?05掳2.2kw0.55kw1580*500*830mm300kg
CH-150S Type single paddle90L90L90kg24r/min锕?05掳3kw0.75kw1685*600*1000mm650kg
CH-200S Type single paddle140L140L140kg24r/min锕?05掳4kw0.75kw1850*600*1000mm720kg
CH-300S Type single paddle180L180L180kg24r/min锕?05掳5.5kw1.1kw2160*700*1250mm750kg
CH-400S Type single paddle250L250L250kg24r/min锕?05掳7.5kw1.5kw2280*700*1250mm780kg
CH-500S Type single paddle300L300L300kg24r/min锕?05掳7.5kw1.5kw2450*700*1250mm820kg
CH-600S Type single paddle380L380L380kg24r/min锕?05掳11kw2.2kw2500*900*1350mm850kg
Working principle
In the machine, the S-shaped stirring paddle is rotated by a mechanical rotating system. Accurate mixing can be achieved. The operator can set the time on the operation panel to automate the process to control the quality of the mixture. This tea blending machine is used to mix different powder materials. Using the blade to rotate in the trough, different materials can be mixed evenly. The trough and the blade run in the opposite direction, so that the material is mixed more evenly and evenly. The tea blending machine is also suitable for mixing different main auxiliary materials in chemical, food and other industrial sectors. Most suitable for mixing semi-solid, solution or glued and high consumption materials.
Tea blending machines are widely praised for their excellent functionality at the lowest operating costs. The machine is designed for the perfect blend of tea and coffee to ensure its delicious taste and aroma. This machine is very hygienic and does not affect the natural properties of the mixed material. In addition, it is simple to operate and provides fast and commendable final output. Also, this tea blending machine is very durable, reliable, easy to install and requires no regular maintenance.Tea Leaf Mixer