Supernova epoch

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10 March 2023
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Wei Ming operated one of the three missiles and in his adult training his grades in this subject were always the best which was related to his love of playing with the small camera at home The operation of this kind of missile is to keep the cross wire on the guidance device covering th were two more sounds and two other missiles flew out Just then there was a flash of fire at the front of the three m1a2 as if they were blinking Two or three seconds later the shells landed on their right and rear sides After a few loud bangs clods and stones rained down from the sky and then more shells were fired At the sound of the explosion Wei Ming involuntarily held his head but soon came to his senses and put his eyes on the scope of the guide but there was only a wavering horizon inside When he finally found the target again and locked it with a cross Textiles & Leather Products wire he saw a column of dust rising from the right side of the tank and he knew that the missile had missed Looking upthese children would use grenades to fight the most ferocious main battle tanks in the world The three steel giants were getting closer and closer and Wei Ming felt the tremor coming through the earth Machine gun bullets whimpered over his head like a gale and he lowered his head and estimated their distance from here When he felt that they had rushed to the front of the position he stood up and threw the grenade at the tank in the middle China Suppliers At the same time he saw the muzzle of the machine gun in the turret shining at him pay attention to the rules of the game!”! Chinese children pay attention to the rules of the game! This game is over stop fighting! When he saw Wei Ming throw down his gun he came out again Then three more children came out They jumped down from the tank put their hands on the pistols behind their buttocks and looked warily at the Chinese children Electrical Equipment & Supplies who were still alive in the position Then they walked in the direction of the American position Walking in the last Americaan altitude of 8000 meters Sky visibility was good and the cockpit was filled with aurora-cast halos Their opponent the F15 squadron was flying parallel to them and the enemy and our formation were only three kilometers apart Then the signal for the start of the game came from the earphone Throw the auxiliary fuel tank and seize the height! Squadron leader orders