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10 March 2023
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With Jiang Kui six people to join, plus Tianwei Pavilion four peak strong regardless of the strengt all the corpses were dressed in black,inflatable bounce house with slide, obviously from one side, which indirectly proved that Lin Ji Inn did have overwhelming strength. But the enemy of Lin Ji Inn is Tianwei Pavilion! Not to mention Yang Shun, even the two parties, Old Ding and Feng Yue, could not believe that they could defeat Tianwei Pavilion so easily. In the thousands of years of history of the big fellow country, the day Wei pavilion is not without because of the estimation of the enemy’s strength and lead to total annihilation, can send out ten peak strong and nearly a hundred heart inverse period more than five strong or total annihilation, this is definitely the first time in the history of day Wei pavilion. Lin Dong and others do not feel how,Inflatable outdoor park, put a few years ago, Tianwei Pavilion is still too far away from them. Tianwei Pavilion, a sword hanging over the heads of all the warriors, hand those who are not afraid of Tianwei Pavilion, dare to challenge the bottom line of Tianwei Pavilion, unless they find a remote mountain and old forest to isolate from the outside world forever, otherwise, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, they will not escape the pursuit and encirclement of the Tianwei Pavilionwith two strong people around him,Inflatable outdoor park, but I’m afraid he couldn’t go. With the Tianwei Pavilion war, and killed a lot of Tianwei Pavilion masters and the peak of the strong, this is already a difficult feud. There’s nothing wrong with killing another emperor.