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10 March 2023
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After the meal, Fang Xun was in high spirits, sat up, leaned against the tree trunk, and began to talk and laugh with the crowd. People lined up, sitting across the branches, cool breeze blowing, branches and leaves blowing, very pleasant. While picking his teeth with the keel, Long Qi said than the tree hole to rest, while he leads the other two sailors to climb the branches on the outer edge and wait. After two hours, see the sun set, mist gradually, still no trace of Ao Shaoxian, people can not help but start to worry again. Yin Qi princess heart perturbed, thoughts,liquid bottle filling machine, the more I think the more afraid, several times can not help but get up and go to the tree hole to look, but the wind has passed, tired birds return to the forest, where is his figure? Sitting at the mouth of the tree hole, Fang Xun saw her sometimes frowning, sometimes biting her lips and hesitating, restless and restless, which was quite different from her usual calm state. She was surprised and interesting. Suddenly, she suddenly realized and smiled without saying a word. He knew his sister very well,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and under her beautiful and gentle appearance, there was an independent, strong and proud heart. In the past eighteen years, I don’t know h”She is astonied, the ear side hears everybody to exclaim, put Xun eye disease hand quick, plastic bottle making machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, rise the strength of the whole body, throw her into the hole suddenly.” Whew! A small dark red object shot out of the monster’s mouth, nailed straight into the trunk, curled up and struggled “crackling”. The snow was still in shock,Little Fish, Old Nine! Long Qi let out a heart-rending roar, “You water rat, I’ll fight with you!” Flying at his feet, he brandished his knife with both hands and slashed at the arrowheads and minks jumping up and down. The other two sailors rushed to the tree hole and shouted,water bottling line, “Princess, your Highness, go!” ” 。