Peach blossom ring

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10 March 2023
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Wang Bo didn’t expect Zhao Xiaotong to come out like this. He couldn’t help exclaiming when he was defenseless. Without waiting for Shen Wenwen to ask, he quickly explained: “It’s all right. I got up and poured water to drink. I knocked it on the corner of the table.” Shen Wenwen and my sister suspected the cause of his death, which was covered up by me. I didn’t tell her that we had a problem with dad. “Well!” Wang Bo’s heart moved,x56 line pipe, suddenly remembered the magical pendant, if you want to revive Jenny, it is inevitable that Shen Wencheng will revive, then? It’s trouble again! He gave a wry smile. “Wenwen, ask you a question?” “Ask!” Shen Wenwen whispered. If! Wang Bogan laughed, sat up with a straight waist, and put his face to Zhao Xiaotong’s face. He put his cell phone on his shoulder, hugged the little fox, raised his eyebrows at her,uns c68700, and said, “I mean, if your father came back to life, what would you do?” I’ve seen Dad’s body, and it won’t come back to life at all! Wang Bo sprinted a few times and asked, “What if?” Shen Wenwen was silent and sighed: “I don’t know either!” Wang Bo’s body suddenly stopped, did not expect to get such an answer, a333 grade 6 pipe ,347 stainless steel, but ask yourself, this matter will fall on him, he did not know how to do it! Under the body, Li Ying dreamed of the wedding night, Wang Bo stirred up her red veil. After peeping through Wang Bo’s whereabouts, Lu Jialin tossed and turned, thinking about whether to accompany Wang Bo or not, but when the fragrance arrived, he suddenly frowned, his face was hot,x52 line pipe, and he jumped down from the bed. When he reached the door, he thought a little, then went back and turned down from the window..