LVL Bed Slat Free Sample

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24 May 2023
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LVL Bed Slat Free Sample Introduction
The Birch Bent Wooden LVL Bed Slats are a high-strength engineered timber that is produced by bonding multiple thin veneers layer by layer using an adhesive. In addition, our product is a cost-effective and sustainable building material that provides high structural strength and reliability when used in structural applications. Secondly, our products are extremely resistant to seismic and vibration damping and to fatigue damage from cyclical forces.
The Birch Bent Wooden LVL Bed Slats have the advantage of consistent quality, high strength and elasticity. Our strength and toughness are three times higher than other products. Secondly, our products are also insect-proof, anticorrosive and waterproof. What is even more unexpected is that we use environmentally friendly adhesives in the production process, the formaldehyde emission not only meets the national standard, but also ensures your health.
1.Variety of wood options
Poplar, Birch, Beech etc. bed slats are available.
2.Variety of appearance options
Wood Veneers (burlywood color, bleached), paper etc.
3. Special Customizing
Special-shaped bed slat can be customized
4. Quality stability
LVL bed slat has low moisture content and smooth surface, uneasy to become mildewed, and uneasy to wrap.
Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
LVL poplar the natural power of tough China. LVL by WADA is made from 2 mm thick, rotary-peeled veneers that are bonded together
Under heat and pressure. LVL comes in a maximal billet size of 5 m x 1.22 m 鈥?one of the biggest sizes in the market 鈥?for maximum
Flexibility and design possibilities. The billets can be cut to length and sawn into LVL slats or panels based on customer
requirements.LVL Bed Slat Free Sample