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10 March 2023
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Don’t think that this kind of kowtow is only for the Kuomintang. In the past, their ancestors also kowtowed to the Japanese. Li Ao, why do you say that? I tell you that the people of Taiwan have been great. After the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, they could not keep Taiwan in thndence” Is Just a Dream (1) In this program, I will talk to you more or less about my outlook on life. My outlook on life is full of the first principles of compassion for the world and saving the country and the people in my education. However, if I am really one hundred percent or twenty-four hours at this level, I tell you: you can not see me, I am dead, I am angry to death. So, how can I make myself not angry? How can I not get a stomach ulcer? ? How not to get gastric cancer? ? My method is: I have a relaxed side, a cynical side, inflatable floating water park , and I don’t think it’s a big deal. Just as Taiwan has recently elected the so-called president of the Republic of China, everyone has gone crazy, which has also aroused the concern of the motherland and the world. Let’s think about Jefferson, the third president of the United States. When he died, he was not allowed to engrave this line on the tombstone. He was not allowed to say that he had been the president of the United States. Why? Who’s the president of the United States? It’s not worth mentioning. I should do something bigger. . This is our goal, this is our ambition,Inflatable mechanical bull, and this is our ambition. Everything else is false. By saying this, I mean to tell everyone that there is no need to be happy or sad about the results of the so-called elections in the Taiwan region today. Because it’s a small thing. Why is this a trivial matter? Because in fact, it may not be mature enough to some extent.