I heard that I am Xianjun’s fiance wearing books.

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10 March 2023
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Yes, this white figure is not long ago just met Yi Zhuo, if he knew that Yi Zhuo would come to Mu’s house to see Mu Duan Nian, he would not do that kind of escape. The reason is that it will be super awkward to meet again. Mu Duan Nian didn’t know what Mu Junhuai was thinking. As Mu Jun He was on the verge of speaking out of turn. Also because of this look at each other, Mu Junhuai also remembered what had happened before. Embarrassed, he looked away and said,gear reduction motor, “Senior Yi, the younger generation was impolite just now. Please forgive me.” The author has something to say: Thanks to [21060593] cherub for throwing 2 mines, Mada ^ 3 ^ Thanks to [ivy.] Angel for 1 bottle of nutrient solution,small geared motors, Mada ^ 3 ^ Thanks to the 10 bottles of nutrient solution from [] Angel, Mada ^ 3 ^ Thanks to the 12 bottles of nutrient solution thrown by the little angel, Mada ^ 3 ^After complaining, Mu Junhuai hurried down, after landing Mu Junhuai did not rush to find Yi Zhuo to point out the swordsmanship, but invited Yi Zhuo to sit down. Yi Zhuo is also not polite, sitting on the stone bench, Micro Gear Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, looking calmly at the velvet flower forest in front of him, waiting for Mu Junhuai to bring the spirit tea before withdrawing his line of sight. Elder Yi, this tea is picked from the empty mirror beads, and the water for making tea is also the spiritual spring in the empty mirror beads. Mu Junhuai first looked at Moju on the table, then took a glance at the iceberg the size of a rockery, closed his eyes and exhaled, clenched Moju, turned to the front of the iceberg,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and began to dance his sword. Do not use spiritual power. Mu Junhuai stopped waving his sword and looked back at Yi Zhuo in shock. Seeing that the other party’s expression was calm, he understood that the matter had been settled without any intention of discussion. Facing the iceberg again, this time Mu Junhuai only used his sword to split the iceberg.