History of the struggle of the imperial concubines

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10 March 2023
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“Ah Ching, you and Ji Huan and Zhuang Yan will go into Pingchi first. I’ll make a little arrangement and come back later.” During the rapid March, Wei Jing slowed down slightly and spoke to his wife in a low voice. Now is half in the afternoon, into Hanzhong city is more than an hour, s Unicom Lv Jian, according to the prior discussion of emergency arrangements. Everything was in full swing, and soon Wei Jing came back, but he was very busy. The couple only exchanged a look in a hurry, and then they were busy. In the middle of the night, Shao Qing finally became idle. The war was imminent, and she was not sleepy,x70 line pipe, but this was not good, and she should take the time to rest, so she lay down in her clothes, closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Wei Jing took time to come back and look at her, but without disturbing her, he whispered to the guards and left in a hurry. The sentry has found several suspected hiding places of the Zhenquan Army. He expects that the other side will launch wn the progress is very smooth, a moment of high-spirited. Dig and build fortifications overnight? Xu Jin frowned and said, “This man surnamed Yang and Lu is not stupid.” The profit reinforcements to the enemy, he did as Wei Jing expected, intended to pick up the soft persimmon pinch, while Yang Lv two people on an unstable footing, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x70 line pipe, the first to launch an attack. All the way there are sentries staring at, because Wei Jingzao prepared, the outer ranks is still tight, while the inner circle is shrinking, so according to the range of estimates, about sixty thousand military forces. Just now the profit into the city, Shouting ShaSheng in the middle of the night, suddenly intensified at dawn, Shao Qing although miss, but she knew she was not good at martial arts, also don’t go to ChengTou add chaos, only and ZhuangYan etc. Quietly wait in the yashu. But the battle report never stopped,316 stainless steel plate, and she was well aware of the situation outside. At dawn, the encirclement of the Zhenquan Army was complete, and it gained the upper hand.