Heaven’s plan to control hegemony

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10 March 2023
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Tang Cheng never thought that his God was really a God. In the eyes of other people in the world of Da Luo, he was a few years old genius girl who had just practiced for more than two years. Sniff! Who believes who is stupid! Moreover, is the three small worlds he knows so far really all that the Lord has visited? Tang Cheng did not believe this either. However, the truth is not important, anyway, he has now integrated his own path into the main road, we are on the same ship. Time passed little by little. When the white golden light converged and disappeared, revealing the tall,juice filling machine, straight and sharp-edged girl, the temple, in addition to several saints, worshipped at the same time. Congratulations to the Holy One! A moment later, the Lord raised his hand at the same time to perform the ceremony of equality: “Congratulations to Hua Sheng!” “Congratulations to Hua Sheng!” It was all the spiritual practitioners who wished in unison. Taibai Fen Shen glanced at the crowd in front of him. He was silent for a moment and said succinctly, “Get up!” Then he continued to look at the Lord of Luotian Temple. The fighting spirit in his eyes began to condense again. Taibai Fen Shen only looked at Lord Luo Tian and said directly, Beverage packing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, “Fighting is to consolidate cultivation!”! As for the rest, we’ll talk about it after the war. The light in Lord Luotian’s eyes was as sharp as a blade. Boom! The white golden thunder light resounded through the heaven and earth,CSD filling line, and the golden horn on the head of the giant beast wildly collided with the thunder on the tip of the gun, and the sound and light made the heaven and earth tremble. For a moment, the person who looked up could hardly look directly. The few saints who could still watch were shocked. The power of thunder?! ……。