Go to the black boss by mistake.

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10 March 2023
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After walking for a while Yan Yingzi picked up the phone and called the old director’s house in the middle of the night After a minute a lazy voice came “Who is it It’s a big night!” “It’s me Director Yu It’s like this Su Junhong helped us solve the case I just spent 260 yuan to buy imported jackfruit I’m goinring her here She went to the nurse standing aside and said with a smile “How much did he spend on seeing a doctor” “It doesn’t cost money but when it comes to calculation it’s all the most expensive medicine and the best doctors Twenty nurses work in shifts every day until they fully recover which adds up to nine million!” The doctor alone needs a lot of money to Home Appliances see a doctor but it’s a pity that no matter how much money people outside give him he won’t go Is this Yan Yingzi Dharma protit shop I found all night You are really great You are my idol!” “No” What does this woman have to say He called her because he wanted her to take care of him himself Your courage is commendable the whole of China will thank you jackfruit to you then I have something to do China Factory I will go first! I’ll see you in ten days! Then he immediately strode to the door “I’ll be out of the hospital in ten days!” Roared Su Junhong After shouting I felt pain all over my body Yan Yingzi turned around and continued t
But this incident let her have a little appreciation for him is worthy of the eldest brother level even if beaten half to death will save the younger brother Xiao Han was not injured which made her a little moved and finally understand why he can sit in the position of the eldest Computer Hardware & Software brother loyalty too loyalty He’s seen a lot of these things right Investigated yesterday th green He was so wronged that he took the phone and found the cygnet As soon as he dialed he unexpectedly saw the door open He hung up and threw it on the table looking very angry Yan Yingzi grabbed the back of her head and stepped forward “That” I really can’t afford the medical expenses of nine million yuan Why don’t you tell me what to do Anyway our police department can’t afford this huge expense! 。