China Diving tubular pump

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27 April 2023
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China Diving tubular pump General Description
These motors are of high efficiency, high starting torque, quiet-running, low vibration and low temperature rise, and can sustain heavy axial thrust load etc.
Operation Conditions
Duty Cycle: Continuous (S1)
Ambient temperature: Not over 40°C
Altitude: Not over 1000meters above sea level
Field Condition: This type of motor is suitable for outdoor use in relatively dry climates without addition protection.
Cautions for mounting
The following preparation should be made before mounting:
1. Check carefully all data on the nameplate of the motor; make sure they are strictly in agreement with the requirements.
2. Inspect carefully that all the motor parts are assemble in good condition and make sure that no fastenings, such as bolts and nuts, become loosed or detached during transportation. Try to turn the motor in the direction by hand so as to determine whether the rotor rotates freely or not.
3. Measure the phase –to –phase and phase –to –ground insulation resistance by using a 500V megger. The readings should not be dried out. The commonly used drying method is to disassemble the motor and to try out it in an oven, maintaining the temperature at about 100°C. In general, the heating process lasts 12 to 24 hours.
If there is no drying oven, incandescent lamps may be placed inside and around 10% of the rated value to stator windings with the rotor locked. Drying will be accomplished by the current generated heat.
In either of the later two cases, precautions must be taken not to overheat the winding.China Diving tubular pump