Chen Qingyun, the prodigal son of Condor

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10 March 2023
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The prodigal son Sanlang suddenly had an idea that whether it was Jiang Tianchi or somend him. “Good boy,” he said coldly,Inflatable water park factory, “I’ll wait for you..” Words only export half sentence, suddenly feel not good, look at the figure is a woman. The man suddenly turned around. Saburo! “Ah!” The prodigal son Sanlang was surprised and stunned. Unexpectedly, it was Widow Zhao who came. In his mind, Widow Zhao doesn’t know martial arts, but judging from her posture just now, she not only knows martial arts, but also is a first-class master. It seems that her experience in Jianghu is too shallow to see it. By the way,inflatable air dancer, the old boy’s name is Bitao. He settled in her home. They must have a relationship. It’s not surprising that she knows martial arts. Saburo, what’s the result? “Old boy, he.” The old boy was still lying so straight. The prodigal son Sanlang was silent. He wanted to observe Widow Zhao’s reaction again. Widow Zhao crouched down and straightened up with her hand. Saburo, I see you are very sad. “Of course, people are not plants.” “Don’t worry, the old boy won’t die.” “What?” The prodigal son Sanlang was really shocked: “People are already dead, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable water obstacle course, but they still say they can’t die. Auntie said this..” What do you mean? “It’s a pre-game, just in case.” There’s no need to rush at this time!” This is a joke, but there is a serious truth, people can not never die,Inflatable dry slide, especially the sunset infinite old man, although it is the law of nature, but there is still a helpless sadness of fate. Back to Widow Zhao’s house.