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27 April 2023
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Building Material Equipment suppliers
The vertical preheater is one host device of the active lime production, and its main function is to sent limestone from the upper part to the body of preheater, while using high-temperature exhaust gas (950鈩?-1100鈩? discharged from the calcinations kiln to make heat exchange, and the preheat the materials evenly into 900鈩?in the preheater. After preheating ,there is 30% CaCO3 will decompose and then pushed into rotary kiln for burning by the hydraulic push rod .So such a calcinations process not only shorten the time of limestone burning in the kiln, but also get a high degree of the active lime.
Our company adopts LDO vertical preheater, and compared with ordinary perheater, it reduces the loss of line gas resistance and the power of smoke ventilator greatly, it saves the energy consumption. Besides, it features easy operation, little maintenance, simple masonry and reliable performance.
Working Principle
When raw material gets into material shield from feeding room, it will distribute over the preheater ontology circular stockyard space between the two cylinders evenly along with the cone of central dosing cone. The hot airflow go into the circular stockyard space through the air intakes, flows reversely toward to feed direction so that the heat exchange will be sufficient. When the material reach 600鈩冿紝the push feeder will push the material to the kiln, achieve the purpose of uniform feeding. The tail gas about 300鈩?will be exhausted into the atmospheric air after heat exchange.
1. Good quality and high output, suitable for large-scale activity of lime production line and large-scale production.
2. Stable production, all the production with the negative pressure, air flow and higher security.
3. Simple structure, easy control and beneficial operation and maintenance.
4. Fine grade limestone can be calcined, full use of mine resources.
5. Low heat consumption per unit of product, installation in vertical kiln perheater which can take advantage of exhaust warm limestone, greatly reducing the fuel consumption.
System primarily including six parts
1. The above feeding system锛歁ainly including the above hopper and feeding pipes, feeding method and structure can guarantee the safe sealed when feeding materials into the body of preheater, so that the cold air from outside can not enter into the preheater ,and it can also make use of Stick valve to achieve continuous feeding.
2. Preheated body: It is an important part to ensure that the materials can be preheated to more than 750鈩?and it is made up of the preheated room, hoisting devices, refractory lining and other parts. Most of the structure in this part is metal component, and some of them ,we choose the heat-resistant steel according to the need of the material, as the heat-resistant steel can work under 1100-1000鈩? Besides, with nice d